Cyber security expert to share tips to protect businesses from ‘gangs’

An opportunity to hear from one of the leading cyber security experts in the UK is available to businesses in the region at a free event next week.

Jon Hope, senior technology evangelist for Sophos, a British-based security software and hardware company, draws a crowd at major events thanks to his in-depth knowledge and expert advice from 20 years of experience in cyber security.

Jon, who recently spoke to packed-out audiences at DTX Tech Week in Manchester, will be speaking at Integrity IT’s ‘Future-proofing your Business’ event at The Crown Hotel at Wetheral, near Carlisle on Thursday, June 22.

Jon Hope.

Ahead of the event Jon said: “We all know that ransomware is the biggest threat in cyber security right now, but just how bad can things get and what is the best way to keep your organisation secure?

“Do you need to add more tools to your arsenal or can you make better use of the products you already have?”

This event is the place to answer that and many other questions.

Business people will hear from Jon about where the cyber security threat comes from and how ransomware gangs operate.

He will also reveal who is likely to be a target and why SMEs are among those directly in the firing line.

“People tend to have this perception that if they are an SME they are not likely to be targeted. The cybercriminals know, however, that small organisations are typically less well-defended and have been known to select their victims accordingly,” said Jon.

“The human element is fascinating” Jon went on to say “as people over-share their lives on social media, it generates a rich library of intelligence that cybercriminals will use to create focused and believable phishing attacks.”

On the use of AI, Jon added: “Tools like ChatGPT aid the authenticity of scams, allowing the criminals to overcome the issue that they aren’t typically native English speakers.”

Businesses will find out at the event the steps they can take to do something about it, so they are better protected.

At the event, which runs from 9am to 1.30pm, attendees will also find out what the 2025 analogue phone-network switch off means for them and, with Integrity and BT in partnership, how they can be supported to navigate this change now.

Those attending will also be able to discover how carbon accounting techniques in their business can help limit climate change.

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