Social Media

The 32West team very much feels like our team – an extension of who we are and what we do. Their knowledge of our business is excellent and their expertise and professionalism is second to none.

Carol Fish – Marketing Director, Cartmell Shepherd 

How to post, what to post, when to post, where to post. It can be a minefield if you don't know how.

And even if you do know how, finding the time to actually do it is an impossibility – because you are busy running a business.

Recruiting a full time social media manager requires a heavy investment – and so the world of Instagram, Facebook, Linked-in and their social stablemates can feel like a tough nut to crack.

What’s worse, your feeds are up and running but are embarrassingly sparse. You haven’t posted for weeks – or dare we say months.

Wine feels like the only solution. It won’t fix the problem, but you won’t feel quite as bad about it!

Unless…there was a company to take control of your social media accounts, schedule content, report on results and generally make stuff happen, while using the latest digital technology to do so.

A company that will take account of best practice, which keeps on top of industry developments and uses them to the advantage of its clients.

Our virtual hand is aloft. That’s us!

We already manage social media accounts on behalf of many clients - and our portfolio is diverse. Hotels, technology firms, visitor attractions, legal firms and food and beverage companies are among the many industries we post about.

We’ve built a team to deliver on all fronts. Video, social, words, imagery, creative, influencer engagement – whatever is needed to create the perfect campaign, 32West’s band of gifted practitioners have it covered.

We’re pretty proud of some of the results we have achieved on behalf of the brands we work for. You can read all about them in our newsfeed.

“32West are more than just a PR firm. They are a team of highly motivated and hugely experienced media professionals who really care about their clients; always happy to go the extra mile and do that little bit extra to ensure that they find the coverage for your business. If you're looking for affordable, expert PR and media support then these guys are the ones you should be speaking to.”

Nik Higgins

Co-founder • The Ambassador Platform