Businesses urged to explore net zero journey as new platform is launched

A CARBON accounting platform aimed at supporting businesses on their net zero journey has been launched by Scottish solutions firm Eco Group.

The EcoMetrix platform, which offers a simple, easy-to-use solution for measuring, tracking and reporting carbon emissions, was unveiled to invited guests at Eco’s HQ in Annan, Dumfries and Galloway, on Friday, May 12.

The launch event featured speakers including Dr Martin Valenti, Director of Net Zero, Nature and Entrepreneurship at South of Scotland Enterprise, Eddie Black, Managing Director of Eco Group, and Jamie Burns, Managing Director of Dundonald-based Ailsa Reliability Solutions, who shared his firm’s net zero journey so far.

Eco has launched its EcoMetrix platform in partnership with carbon accounting firm, CBN Expert as part of its EcoGoZero range of carbon mitigation strategies for businesses and organisations.

Eddie said: “Our role is to work alongside businesses to help them access affordable carbon mitigation solutions to future-proof their organisations and give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

“Many businesses are experiencing pressure from clients and their supply chain to reduce their carbon footprint but it can be difficult to get to grips with the practicalities of where and how to start measuring your emissions.

“EcoMetrix allows you to understand what your business emits and to identify ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint. Ultimately, it should be treated in the same way as financial accounting: it keeps track of emissions rather than money.”

Eddie said carbon accounting could save costs and improve efficiencies for businesses, as well as being good for the planet.

He said: “Implementing carbon accounting into our own business has enabled us to identify areas in which we can use less and waste less, which has a direct impact on our bottom line. 

“It also ensures that we are prepared for the marketplace of the future and any legislative requirements.

“By putting sustainability at the heart of their organisations, businesses can ensure that they are in the best position to bid for contracts, retain and recruit talent, and improve efficiencies by reducing costs.”

The SME Climate Hub 2023 Survey, which was published earlier this year, found that 58% of SMEs worldwide cited skills and knowledge as the top reason preventing them from taking action on climate change. The survey reported that 61% said tools for measuring and monitoring emissions would help them take greater climate action, with nearly 70% saying they wanted additional funds to take action or speed up progress of their emission reductions.

The UK Government has set a target to reach net zero –  where the amount of greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere is balanced to the amount removed – by 2050. The Scottish Government’s net zero target is 2045.

Solutions firm Eco launches carbon accounting platform

Eddie Black Managing Director of Eco Group with Dr Martin Valenti, Nature and Entrepreneurship at South of Scotland Enterprise.

James Napier, founder of CBN Expert which developed the EcoMetrix software in collaboration with Eco, said the platform aimed to make the process of measuring, recording and tracking a business’ carbon footprint as straightforward as possible.

He said: “The platform has been designed to be simple and easy-to-use, and to ensure that it brings added value to a business.

“As demands on organisations to reduce their carbon footprint increase, carbon accounting will help them understand what is required and where they can make changes.”

The EcoMetrix platform is compliant with the UK Government’s Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) regulations, and international carbon accounting standard, the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. The GHG Protocol categorises carbon emissions into three groups or ‘scopes’, with scope one generated by the business; scope two from indirect sources via energy use; and scope three from indirect emissions generated by the supply chain.

James said: “While scope one and two is currently an expectation, scope three is becoming increasingly important. By establishing partnerships with firms such as Eco, we are able to ensure that businesses have the right support network in place to work towards it.” 

EcoGoZero works alongside businesses and organisations across the UK to help them meet their net zero ambitions through finding the right accessible and affordable solutions. They include EV charging solutions, off-grid lighting, energy decentralisation as well as the new EcoMetrix carbon accounting software package. Eco Group will deploy world-first decarbonisation technology at its HQ this summer as part of a collaboration with climate tech company Levidian, delivering hydrogen and graphene on site.

For more information email or follow Team Eco on social media.

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