Family-run firm launches wider range of natural health products for dogs

A NEW line of all-natural supplements for dogs which promote healthy joints and support mobility is being rolled out by a Yorkshire-based firm.

Wetherby-based family business PureFlax has launched a new range of flaxseed and linseed oil and meal supplements for dogs after witnessing the numerous health benefits its existing lines provided for working gun dogs.

The PureFlax products, which are easier to digest than typical oil supplements, are high in Omega 3, improve animals’ joints, digestive systems and muscle repair, and also give a healthy shine to animal coats.

Grace Liddle and her dog Nessa with the new range of PureFlax products.

The launch of the new products was prompted by a growth in confidence in PureFlax following a specialist product insurance policy brokered by H&H Insurance Brokers (HHIB).

Grace Liddle, who owns PureFlax with husband Nigel and daughter Hannah, said: “As a company, we have been blown away by the popularity of our products with owners of working dogs and gun dogs, and we wanted to launch a new line which would mean that more dogs could benefit.

“We grow and harvest our own seed, cold press and then bottle it all on the family farm in Wetherby, and this means that it is fully traceable, 100% British and 100% natural.

“As we have built up a great reputation with owners of gun dogs, we want to make our products available to everybody, whether they have a cockapoo or a bulldog.

“These new products are great for any dog, not just working gun dogs, and we’re really excited to bring them to the wider market. Our goal is to make our supplements available to purchase across as many pet supplies retailers across the UK.”

Grace added: “We decided to take the plunge and launch the new range after the excellent team at HHIB guided us through the insurance process and ensured we were covered by the most comprehensive policy available to us, giving us full confidence to push on with expanding the services we provide.”

The new range of products include:

  • Omega Prime (200ml and 500ml) – a straight flax oil which promotes excellent maintenance in dogs, and is good for supporting joints and immune health;
  • Skin & Coat – a blend of flax oil with borage (starflower) oil which aids skin health and coat shine;
  • Joint & Muscle – a milled linseed expeller containing rosehip and seaweed which offers a slow release of energy for older dogs, or those which need extra joint and muscle support.

The new products will enhance PureFlax’s reputation for providing British-grown, 100% natural products.

Grace said: “We initially launched PureFlax in response to a friend saying how he couldn’t access flaxseed and linseed oil in the UK so he had to get it shipped in from abroad, and things have developed from there.

Account executive Corinne Cooper.

“As dog owners and a family which has a livery farm, we are extremely passionate about improving the wellbeing of animals so we pour our heart and soul into making sure our PureFlax range is something which dog owners are comfortable giving to their beloved animals.”

To ensure the Liddles were able to push forward with expanding the product lines at PureFlax, the team at HHIB worked to ensure had in place an exclusive product cover.

Corinne Cooper, an account executive for HHIB in the North East and Yorkshire, said: “Meeting with Grace and Nigel, it was clear to see how passionate they were about supporting animal owners with this excellent range of products, so we were very keen to work to get them an exclusive, comprehensive insurance package which meant they could upgrade the excellent services they already provide.

“The PureFlax range produces amazing results in animals, and we’re delighted to have played a small part in facilitating improvements through our knowledge of agricultural and business insurance.”

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