‘Advanced AI will become businesses’ best friend, not foe’, says digital specialist

THE march of AI will result in the likes of ChatGPT becoming the most powerful ally of marketing departments the world over, a leading digital specialist has predicted.

As AI systems become increasingly intelligent, more businesses than ever before are enlisting the help of robots to improve their SEO status and boost their search engine rankings as a way of increasing their visibility to a wider online audience.

Michael Knowles, a former Google trainer and senior lecturer, predicts that AI will continue to develop in terms of higher levels of personalisation, improved accuracy of information it provides and adopting everyday language including humour and slang, and these characteristics will increase the brain power of humans working on their next major marketing campaign.

ROAR Digital Marketing founder Michael Knowles.

“The current AI systems utilised by a lot of businesses are incredibly intelligent and sophisticated, many of which blow your mind at how clever the automated responses are,” said Michael, who founded ROAR Digital Marketing in 2016. 

“But we haven’t seen anything yet.

“The levels of personalisation will increase significantly to replicate human behaviour and attributes more accurately, and more relevant and correct information will be readily accessible at the press of a button.

“The technology and algorithms used by AI will become so intelligent to the point where the systems will be able to immediately analyse search engine patterns and data, and enhance the user experience, to inform businesses what steps to take to improve their search engine rankings, tailor content and ultimately help brands adapt their approach and communicate more effectively to their users.

“Businesses, however, need to be careful not to be over-reliant on AI to generate content – whether written, imagery or video – because search engine algorithms are equally as intelligent, and they analyse material and, as advised many times by Google already, prefer to rank original human-generated content higher than artificially produced text. 

“The strength of AI for businesses lies in instantly coming up with new ideas and creating content to supplement parts of other texts, for example headlines, to allow marketing departments to work much more efficiently.”

Reflecting on the increased popularity of AI among businesses, Michael has been buoyed by the receptiveness of companies implementing the new technology.

Marketing departments have welcomed the advanced AI with open arms to help with ideas for videos, written content and social media posts.

Removing the human element from marketing campaigns, however, would be disastrous for businesses, argued Michael.

He said: “Humans are, and always will be in my opinion, key to understanding business’ true values and ethics, as well as being aware of the brands’ personality and messaging. Robots don’t come anywhere near when it comes to these emotive aspects.

“More businesses are integrating AI into their daily operations, and most to good effect, but a whole load more is yet to come, and I predict that things will develop at a rate of knots within the next year.

“What we will see is that AI will become the norm and not just be used as an add-on to most software and platforms. It will form a part of all digital marketing packages, and it will soon be unusual if the technology isn’t accessible for everybody in an instant.

“There are exciting times ahead with AI and businesses can expect to benefit from implementing it, if embraced fully and not opposed. That is not to say that AI can ever truly replace people as that important human connection and emotive element is always required, plus AI content faces search engine updates and AI monitoring that can potentially hinder its performance.”

ROAR Digital Marketing specialises in Search Engine Marketing, helping business get found online and turn clicks into customers.

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