Business at forefront of net zero ambitions selected on innovative programme

AN INNOVATIVE solutions business driving forward plans for the UK to become net zero will accelerate its sustainability targets through support from a new programme.

Eco Group, based in Dumfries and Galloway, is at the forefront of net zero technology and partnered with climate tech company Levidian in November to deploy the world-leading LOOP10 decarbonisation technology across the UK.

The pioneering company has further plans with net zero ambitions at its heart and, to help achieve these goals, has been selected on the newly launched Beacon Business Net Zero Nation Accelerator Programme, which will provide focused support to help Eco deliver its own net zero plan and realise the economic opportunities which exist as a result.

Annan-based Eco has its own sustainability branch of the business, EcoGoZero, which provides advanced technologies to help organisations remove carbon emissions in their daily operations, including the pioneering BriXcell electric vehicle charging solution which was launched to great success last summer.

The Beacon Business programme, delivered by South of Scotland Enterprise (SOSE) and Net Zero Nation, will help Eco and five other businesses across the South of Scotland calculate their carbon footprint and formulate decarbonisation plans for each of their businesses.

In doing so, they will demonstrate to SMEs across the region how they too can join the journey to net zero.

During the programme, Eco will collaborate with businesses Carbon Capture Scotland, Farne Salmon & Trout Ltd, Jackson Holdings, Jas P Wilson and Lochcarron.

Eddie Black, Eco’s Managing Director, said: “Eco Group is extremely passionate about leading the way in helping the UK become net zero, and it is the focus of all that is produced by the EcoGoZero team.

“We’re delighted to have been selected on the Beacon Business Net Zero Nation Accelerator Programme in which we along with five like minded businesses can build on our own net zero targets, and share best practices to help pave the way for a more sustainable way of life.

“Being selected on the programme showcases that Eco Group is at the cutting edge of net zero advancements, and we look forward to working with SOSE and Net Zero Nation, and the other peers on the programme, to really drive forward the net zero agenda and spread the word about how important this work is for future generations.”

The newly developed LOOP10 decarbonisation system uses a patented low temperature, low pressure process to crack methane into its constituent atoms, hydrogen and carbon, without the need for catalysts or additives, thus decarbonising methane-rich gas to deliver hydrogen and graphene on site.

This work is pioneering for the UK and will lead to the creation of decarbonised hydrogen hubs to support industrial decarbonisation, enabling the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and creating products essential to net zero ambitions.

EcoGoZero is currently working on a number of other innovative, eco projects to reduce carbon emissions usage in everyday life.

Among the products in the pipeline are: net zero rail infrastructure; hybrid solar and wind street lighting; ‘cleaning trees’ in cities to reduce air pollution; scalable air purification solutions; hydrated vegetable oil as a sustainable alternative to diesel as fuel for vehicles.

Eddie said: “We are very keen to spread the message that now is the best time to make changes which will drive sustainable economic development, help reduce carbon emissions on a global scale and create working opportunities for businesses.

“We are proud to be taking such proactive steps to deliver the newest technology to businesses across the UK which will allow them to drive change and make the net zero target a realistic goal.”

The Beacon Business Net Zero Nation Accelerator Programme will run for 12 months.

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