Pumpkin cannon hits the right spot at Borders attraction

A PUMPKIN-firing cannon is proving to be a hit attraction with visitors to a pumpkin patch in the Scottish Borders.

St Abbs Pumpkin Patch has invested in the pumpkin cannon which shoots the pumpkins into the air, reaching distances of up to 150 metres.

Visitors can see the cannon in action every 15 minutes, as the pumpkins are blasted towards a row of square bales, which have been transformed into targets.

St Abbs Pumpkin Patch, near Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders

The pumpkin cannon is a new addition to the St Abbs Pumpkin Patch which is close to the village of St Abbs, near Eyemouth. It’s all part of the rural business’ diversification, which is supported by H&H Insurance Brokers, one of the UK’s leading agricultural and rural insurance brokers.

Now in its second year, the pumpkin patch boasts around 22,000 pumpkins over the two-and-a-half acre plot of land.

Annabel Hamilton, who runs the pumpkin patch with her partner Tom Blackburn, said: “We’d seen a pumpkin cannon that was being used in Lincolnshire and the USA and thought it would be a novelty to have one here.

“It’s been really popular with visitors, especially because it shoots out the pumpkins so fast and they travel such a long way across the field.”

The pumpkin cannon uses compressed air to propel the pumpkins and is operated by a member of the onsite team.

St Abbs Pumpkin Patch is part of Bee Edge Farm, a farming enterprise run by Annabel and her father, William. Also on the farm is a caravan and motorhome club site which is run by Annabel’s brother Alisdair, while her mother Carol runs The Old Smiddy Coffee Shop just outside of St Abbs along with glamping pods.

The family are clients of H&H Insurance Brokers, which operates across the North of England, the Scottish Borders and Wales.

The pumpkin cannon at St Abbs Pumpkin Patch

Account Executive Jade Pringle said: “We are always keen to support diversification projects for farms, and the pumpkin patch is an excellent example of a successful enterprise which has built on its success to introduce new attractions for visitors.”

Another new addition to the St Abbs Pumpkin Patch is a collection of painted round bales, which were created by artist Fleur Baxter, who is based in Angus.

The bales depict four characters from Avengers: End Game, parts of which were filmed around St Abbs, while another represents a Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer.

The decorated bales are a popular selfie spot for visitors to the attraction, which offers 21 varieties of pumpkin in different sizes, shapes and colours.

Pumpkins start at £1 for a mini pumpkin, with the money from the mini pumpkins being donated to Radio Borders Cash for Kids, and up to £5 for larger varieties.

St Abbs Pumpkin Patch is open until Sunday, October 31 every day from 10am to 5pm. No booking required, admission is free. Postcode TD 14 5QF.

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