Exciting career opportunities created for enthusiastic apprentice

AN ENTHUSIASTIC apprentice’s desire to learn new skills has opened up exciting career opportunities within the engineering industry.

Chloe Ferguson, 19, joined engineering solutions experts Forth in 2019 as an apprentice in customer service, and is now working towards becoming an associate project manager after showing ability to adapt her skills across all aspects of the business.

On completion of her apprenticeship, Chloe demonstrated great interest in gaining an Association for Project Management (APM) qualification and she continues to impress during her work with Forth.

Apprentice Chloe
Chloe Ferguson is working towards becoming an associate project manager at Forth.

Over the next two years, she will work on pioneering projects currently being devised at the company, including CHIMERA2, a robot which inspects pressure vessels, and RESURGAM, which carries out robotic survey, repair and agile manufacturing.

Chloe said: “I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given at Forth, and I’m really enjoying learning while working at such an incredible company.

“It would have been the logical step to do the business administration course after my customer service apprenticeship, but the team acknowledged that I wanted to learn more about the engineering side of the business and they have given me the chance to develop my career here.

“I am allowed to experiment and try new things here and that means there is a lot of variety with the job, and I’m enjoying working on all aspects of the business. I have already learned so much, and I’m looking forward to developing these skills further.

“I am being given excellent support to develop my learning, and I can’t wait until the day when I am at a stage where I can lead on projects here at Forth.”

Mark Telford, the managing director of Forth, said he was very impressed with Chloe’s enthusiasm and desire to learn new skills.

He said: “At Forth, we are very passionate about giving long term opportunities to the younger generation, and we are really pleased to support Chloe on her journey.

“Since joining us two years ago, Chloe has shown great interest and willingness to develop across all areas of engineering, and her aptitude in the industry tells us that she will go a long way in the industry.

“It is great to have on board somebody with Chloe’s drive, enthusiasm and hunger to learn new skills, and we look forward to helping her forge the career she has shown such a passion for.”

Forth, whose main headquarters are in Flimby, Maryport, in Cumbria, and which also has bases in Cleator Moor and Barrow, specialises in engineering excellence and works closely with industry leaders in a wide range of sectors to help deliver innovation and ground-breaking solutions to complex problems.

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