Housebuilder launches eco drive as MD declares ‘inaction is not an option’


A HOUSEBUILDER is on a mission to save the environment – by providing all new homeowners with special eco packs to help them give Mother Nature a boost. 

Genesis Homes has launched the initiative as part of Project Extinction, a drive to boost the green credentials of the business and the homes it builds. 

The scheme coincides with the launch of an interactive ‘climate calculator’ from think tank Demos, nature charity WWF, National Grid and Scottish Power which asks the UK public to explore the best ways to deliver major cuts to emissions by selecting which changes they would prefer to make in areas such as home heating, food and transport to help curb dangerous global warming. 

Genesis Homes sales executive Pam Oates (left) presents homebuyer Marjorie Chamberlain with an eco pack for her new home in Beckstones, Rheda North Park. The pack includes a 200 litre water butt, a garden compost bin, special kitchen recycling bins, and a rotary dryer.

The climate calculator was launched on July 22 which is just over 100 days before the crucial Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow in November, which has been organised to discuss measures to cut emissions to net zero by 2050. 

Cumbria-based Genesis Homes is doing its bit to help save the planet, and the company estimates that each eco kit has the potential to save thousands of kilos in CO2 emissions a year along with thousands of litres of water, while preventing tonnes of rubbish from going to landfill. 

Managing Director, Nicky Gordon, said: “We have a sharp focus on our environmental impact, and that runs through every element of the company, from our offices, to the homes we build and the legacy we leave behind. 

“As a company we are of the view that we have a responsibility to act; that every decision we take has an impact and as such must be carefully considered. 

“Project Extinction is our commitment to doing more to positively affect the environment and the impact we have on it. Our eco packs are one of the initiatives to have come out of the project.” 

Last year, the UK government declared a state of climate emergency, and unveiled a plan which would see a reduction of at least 68% in greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the decade, compared to 1990 levels.  

In June, as part of its ongoing programme of change, Whitehall said the UK will no longer use coal to generate electricity from October 2024, as part of moves to cut climate emissions from the grid. 

The Genesis eco packs consist of a 200 litre water butt, a garden compost bin, special kitchen recycling bins, and a rotary dryer to encourage less use of tumble dryers. They will be given to all new homeowners on developments across the Genesis Homes portfolio. 

In addition to the eco packs, Genesis Homes has introduced a series of measures as a business to help protect the environment, including: 

  • Waste management plans on all sites and developments, ensuring as much as possible is recycled and that all waste taken by skip companies is responsibly and correctly disposed of. 
  • A recycling scheme across Genesis Homes Group offices 
  • A hybrid working policy, enabling staff to work from home two days a week, saving carbon emissions relating to travel. 
  • Energy saving plans for offices, including use of efficient lighting systems and minimising power consumption. 

Nicky said: “We cannot ignore the science or the experts. Our homes are already built to exceedingly strong building standards for efficiency and air tightness, and this will be further enhanced through the introduction of Future Homes Standards when the Government confirms its specification requirements. At Genesis we are confident of already meeting those standards or only requiring minor amendments in areas to meet or surpass certain requirements. 

“Business must take action. For the Genesis Homes Group, this is only the beginning; we know we can do more – and we will do more. We are committed to a clearer, greener world and recognise we must do our bit.  

“I call upon my peers to examine how they are making a positive difference – inaction cannot be an option.” 

Penrith-based Genesis Homes is currently building homes at Rheda North Park, Hackthorpe, Stainburn, and Calthwaite.

Further developments at Penrith, Etterby, and Lazonby are planned in the coming months. 

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